Photo for blog on fun things to do in the winterThe cold winter months and fewer hours of daylight can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to activities for children. Keeping them busy, physically active, and entertained however can still be accomplished in the winter. Here are some fun things to do with children in the winter:


Books know no seasons, take a trip to the local library or book store and help your child pick out some books. Be sure to get ones that are age appropriate in both content and skill level. If they are too young to read, have them listen to a book and draw along or draw their own storybook. Older kids can write their own book or search through a digital library for books to read on e-readers and tablets. Make reading fun and exciting and you will be on your way to raising a lifelong lover of books.


From Play-Doh and paint, to beads and rockets, find arts and crafts that kids can do on their own. Encourage autonomy and have them work nearby so you can keep an eye out or lend a hand if help is needed.

Play-dates and Parties

These are more of an every-now-and-then activity, but they are great fun and foster social interaction. Set up a play-date with a friend of your child’s parents and have your kids begin thinking, a few days prior, about what they and their friends will do. Have a small, affordable get together with a few friends, make your own pizza, play dress-up, build a fort, or put on a puppet show.

Don’t let the cold weather limit you. Use your imagination, talk with your children, and together you should find plenty of things to do on winter days.

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