Photo for blog on finding the perfect nannyThere are many options when it comes to London nannies, but when making your decision it may be worth considering a bilingual nanny. Learning another language can be extremely beneficial to your little one, and it may open up many opportunities for them in the future and the earlier they start to learn the better.

Of course there are courses for children in the South London area, but what better way to have your children learn than to have them practise everyday in a natural environment with their care provider?

Not all nannies are necessarily working full time with families, but it has been proven that even just a few hours a week can result in a very good understanding of a secondary language so long as it is on-going. A child will often learn more when it is a part of their daily routine, and having a bi-lingual nanny can help to make learning a language easier in this sense.

They can easily turn daily tasks into a learning experience, by talking to the children in the second language throughout their time with them – you will be surprised how quickly they pick things up without really trying.

Parents often worry that having a nanny speak another language will cause the learning of their native English to be stunted, and that it may confuse the child, but learning two languages even at a young age does not cause language delay and children are more than able to learn two languages at the same time.

Learning a second language will open the child up to the world, they will have a greater view of diversity and they will be able to develop new friendships as well as being presented with more opportunities. Of course some of these benefits do not really prove themselves until adulthood but they are benefits none-the-less.

Research has shown that children that know two languages, or more, are better at multitasking because they have practice with switching between two tasks in their mind. Research also shows that children that can speak another language have better listening skills and can connect to people more easily.

With this in mind, if you are considering a bilingual nanny, you should always be sure that they are the right candidate in all other areas too – never sacrifice the right care for this benefit. If you are looking for nannies in South London this may be something to consider.

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