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Photo for blog on finding the perfect nannyWhen it comes to taking care of children, there are many traits, skills, and personality types that make for being a good nanny. At the top of the priority list is without a doubt an absolute genuine love for the position and a love for children.

Being passionate and nurturing while caretaking the children who will be in your care will assure that you will always put their safety and best interest first, as well as make the relationship and time spent with them pleasurable. But, what else makes a good nanny?

Professionalism for starters, this encompasses a realm of meanings. From being appropriately dressed for the job and on time for work to being hygienic, responsible, and patient while on duty. A good nanny uses his or her best judgment when caring for children. Rooms in which children are playing should remain safe; while the space may become messy as a result of playing children, the nanny should always ensure the room is free of harmful items and that it can easily be exited in the case of an emergency.

A good nanny is organised and prepared. Whether caring for one small child to multiple children of varying ages a good nanny is able to keep children occupied. Nannies should come prepared with age appropriate activities, a schedule for each child (if there is a significant age difference) and know the days’ schedule.

If there is a school age child, know their drop off and pick up times, and plan snacks, naps, and activities for non-school age siblings around those times. Being well organised, prepared for the day, and having backup plans for inclement weather helps days for both nanny and children run smoothly.

Lastly, a good nanny is trustworthy and a good communicator. Having passed a background check, submitted references, and gaining the trust of the parent or parents is the beginning. Once hired however, a good nanny provides exceptional care to children and keeps frequent and open communication with parents. Parents should have a sense of peace when leaving their child in their nanny’s care.

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